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Growing with FM Global

The similarities in their outlooks are at least in part due to the long careers both Subramaniam and Lawson have had at FM Global, reaching back well before the current company was formed through the merger of five organizations in 1999. 

Subramaniam joined Allendale Insurance, an FM Global predecessor company, in 1974 and was elected president in 1992. After the 1999 merger, he was elected president and CEO of FM Global and was named chairman in 2002.

Lawson began working in the organization in 1979 as a field engineer, where he helped clients understand risk. He moved to the insurance side eight years later, and finally moved to the Northeast and managed the integration of the research entity into the newly merged company. 

Lawson notes the benefits of not just his longevity in the organization, but the different roles he has assumed over the years, saying he has had “different careers in the same company.” He adds he has gained “firsthand knowledge of where it all starts” having worked as a field engineer, and has gained valuable insights working among teams in a wide range of areas within the company.

The years put in at FM Global have instilled an appreciation for the company’s tradition and people in both Subramaniam and Lawson.

Asked to name his greatest accomplishment during his time as CEO, Subramaniam does not mention the company’s growth—from about $1 billion in revenue at the time of the 1999 merger to nearly $6 billion today—but rather his luck in being able to “lead an extraordinary group of people over time. I think we have such a great product and everyone’s proud to deliver that product on a worldwide basis, and that’s what’s made us successful. That’s at the heart of our success.”

Lawson likewise says his 35 years with the company have given him an appreciation for “how great our people are,” and he says the company’s “long-term tradition of stability” will not change even though its leadership will. “That’s how we operate the company,” he says.

That said, changes are afoot in both the insurance market and the global business landscape FM Global’s clients operate in, and the company must adapt and adjust.